Week #7- Climate Change 3 5W

Atmospheric changes. One or two degrees hotter. Fires spreading rapidly. The smoke factories tearing the ozone layer. Coral is being destroyed. Glaciers melting from rising sea levels. Humans have run out of things to blame. We started it, now we must and it. As little as using paper instead of plastic straws or cotton bags instead of a paper bag.

We need world leaders to start to spread the word. If not, farms will be destroyed by a national food shortage. No one wants that, we are in this together or we’re doomed.

– Samuel

Week #7- Climate Change 3 5B

The flames licked at my legs as we trudged through the burning long grass. As I sprayed the fire with my tugging hose, I thought strongly and I told myself I would never give up. All I could smell was the burnt trees and the hot blazing grass among me. I believed in myself and also my family back at home. The fires started to get out of control. I could feel my hands sweat along my uniform. It was uncomfortable… Will I ever get to see my family again? I clenched my fists and started spreading the water all over the fire.

– Harry

Week #7- Climate Change 3 5G

It was the smell of smoke that drew him towards the door. When he reached it, a blanket of grey, wispy smoke crept out from underneath, crawling over his shoes like a colony of ants. Thrusting the door open, he was hit by a wall of intense heat. In the centre of the room was a circle of fire. The golden flames danced into the air as they devoured the wooden floor. Panic sets in quick as the oxygen in the thin air is choking by the smoke, What had caused the fire? What could he do to stop it?

– Kristina

Special Prompt #4 5W

“Breaking news! Recently some nuclear radiation has leaked from the experimental science facility. The swamp has been contaminated and is quarantined however, ducks leaving the swamp have mutated. They are hostile! Stay at home!”

As the ducks attack, not many people survive. The army tanks and the airforce do no damage. “What do we do, general?” asked the commander. “We get the EXPLOSIVE,” the general replied. “But we don’t know how to use it.” “We have to try, READY… FIRE”
“What’s that?”
“I don’t know!”
The door breaks down. “QUACK”  The whole camera crew perishes due to the Duckpocalypse. This was the end of Creepersburg.

– Ray, Matthew & Nicolas

Special Prompt #4 5G

As I was running I heard explosive gun shots, I felt my heart stop. Was I going to die? This thought might be one that kills me or heals me. I cut down an Alley hearing screaming. All of a sudden I heard a faint voice that sounded like they were in pain. “Ccc Come with me” I turned and saw someone with deep jerky blood on them, they’re eyes had water in them as if they had just been crying. Should I follow, this could make me or break me. I ran not knowing what to do. “Theyyyy are after you.” I gulped with fear.

– Khiara