Week #2 5B

Ever since I got my new fluffy rabbit my life twisted. She changed everything, in a good way. She helped me calm down with my life situations and she was a great bunny to talk to. 

It all started at halloween when she started behaving strangely, oddly, she never listened to me again. The day I came back from school she was gone, she escaped! I got my mouldy and rusty bike and peddled as fast as lighting trying to find her. Until I saw a white cotton ball at the end of my street. I lost my balance and ended up in a hale bale, what a halloween!

–  Maya

Week #1 5G

It was an ordinary day, with my ordinary family, in my ordinary room. “Hilda! Stop pushing your sisters!” “Hilda! What are you doing!” “Hilda! Hilda! HILDA!!!” I hated when my sisters blamed things on me. I have 6 of them. Grounded, busted, anything I do, it always gets me in trouble. But little did I know that the day that I was going to experience something magical was today. I got grounded for using the last tissue. Pathetic. I laid on my bed, frustrated, but then very slowly, something turned. I sat up. Noting. I laid down. But then again, gradually, things started to move. Was I dreaming?…

– Hilda

Week #1 5W

I drove calmly along the Golden Gate Bridge but suddenly, a huge thump rocked the bridge. Gradually, things started to move. Cars started to tip over. My car started to fall in the centre of the bridge. I sprung out of the silver car and braced for concrete to knock me hard. I quickly started to sprint up the collapsing bridge and hoped to God I would survive. How did this happen?

– Harry

Week #1 5B

If houses were teeth, everyone would be lined up, perfectly straight and white. But our house is out of line, disgusting and unpleasant. It used to be fine before mum had died, all cleaned and polished. Soothing and sweet. Nothing like home sweet home… Suddenly things started to change after emotions had filled the whole house, clouds started to appear only near our house… All of us missed mum a lot. Gradually, things started to move, pictures, paintings and clothes of Mum started to pile up everywhere in our home. I guessed we missed Mum a lot and it was starting to show. I wondered what would’ve happened if she was still here.

– Elle

Week #59 5G

Times like these, I was scared. I was standing in the middle of my city. The whole entire city was empty. I felt like everyone had left and left me behind. But then I heard screaming. From a distance. I heard the screaming again. Then bang! A person with a mask was standing behind me and he said ‘Go home! We are in a Covid-19 lockdown’. I didn’t understand why. He said it again, ‘Go home’. I walked home through the quiet empty streets. I thought about what it felt like to be in lockdown. My world felt dead.

– Leo