Week #8 5G

The sea was crashing with its brutal strength. Her body was being thrashed and wiped by the bitter coldness of the water, she suddenly gulped air but she had no luck, salt water smacked her face like a fist to the jaw taking over her lungs. Exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fist for help. The wrath of the sandy waves tossed her violently. Her skin was red with cuts, blood slowly dripped down her neck, it spread in the water faster than lightning could dance. “Get on the board!” life guards’ voices echoed, they were finally here!

– Sara 

Week #8 5W

Sweat dripping profusely from her tired body she had to push for the last stretch. Her legs kept on going because she knew that she worked so hard for this moment. She could picture herself with the golden medal wrapped around her neck. The crowd roared for her to win. 40,000 people watching her every minuscule move. The air touching her face like a loving hand. 

Everyone was catching up as her stamina was dropping fast . But she managed to come first. The crowd went ballistic. She brought the gold medal home for Australia. As she was exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fist in glory.

– Xavier

Week #8 5B


It’s time to attack the Germans. It’s the last day of the war “3 more minutes!” I looked at some soldiers that looked worried. One by one we charged, I ran for cover and same with lots of soldiers but I saw… the unlucky soldiers. I ran and ran and cover to cover it was close. I looked at my watch and then I shouted “the war is over!” A female medic came exhausted & breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and shouted “we’re going home!” Everyone cheers.

– Laclan