Week #30 5G

Silence filled the room. The quiet clicking of a keyboard was the only sound to be heard. Just another day in the office for Steve, a high-ranking CEO. As he was typing away, a strange message appeared across the screen. It read: DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE – CLICK ANYWHERE FOR YES… overcome by curiosity, Steve couldn’t help himself… he lowered his finger onto the mouse and clicked before he could regret it… suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, making it quieter than ever before, and in the pitch black before him Steve could see the silhouette of a hunched humanoid figure…

– Sebastian H

Week #30 5W

It was a dark and stormy night, all we could hear and see was lights flickering and thunder rumbling! With a second gone past we freeze in silence, you can’t even hear a breath. In that time the neon yellow lighting smashes the power line with all the electricity to make more than a sound! Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, you couldn’t  even see a light, not a shadow of the open window, it was just a creepy night in pitch black. We slept till the morning light, that awoke us at dawn. We walked outside with nervous jelly legs, not knowing what would be there…

– Addisyn

Week #30 5B

I slammed the door behind me and rested for a minute. The end of the world had finally come. I remember how it came, a portal appeared in the sky and dark gas came out of it. It chased people and if you touched the gas you turned to stone forever. Three quarters of the earth’s population is gone. I heard a noise and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I try to open the window to escape, but it is no use. Bye cruel world, I’ll miss you.

– Ashton B