Special Prompt #2 5W

A dragon-cat in broad daylight. Simply phenomenal. Never in my whole life would I expect to be graced with this majestic creature’s appearance. It had the furry head of a cat. The neck of a dragon. Delicate paws. Large wings. Tough scales. This is what makes it BEAUTIFUL! I pulled my phone out my pocket, ready to take a picture of the beast. Just as I was about to take a picture the dragon-cat swooped down and plucked the phone out of my hands. I guess dragon-cats are shy. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want the whole world to know about me if I was a dragon-cat.

Special Prompt #2 5G

The smell of blood went through the entrance of my nose. The thought of losing this phenomenal battle echoed through my mind. The minute I reached for my sword it striked. This horrible, blood covered, winged beast dropped blood all over my strawberry blonde, straight hair. Covering my mouth with this dark red liquid. squeezing my way through the dragon’s feet I flipped and fell with a heavy thud. reaching to my sword with a low breath. I grabbed it, reaching out to the dragon’s heart with the sharp point of the sword. I tried to jump and stab it but missed…

– Zara O

Special Prompt #2 5B

Green and pink lights danced across the blue sky, twirling around like a dolphin gliding through the water. The grass, short and stubby, felt like thin strips of fabric on her hands. It was phenomenal, the reflection of blurred colour in her bright blue eyes. As she laid down she saw a figure. A silhouette of a rigged old man. She whipped her head around backing herself slowly down the hill, he kept walking, approaching her with every step.

She gasped standing up immediately in her bedroom, the same man appeared at her door with a smile on his face.

– Breannah