Week #8 Climate Change #4 5W

I am full of excitement as I quickly zip up my bag for our holiday, I run out of my room screaming out, “Mum I’ve finished packing my bag.” Mum replies “Ok, make sure all of the lights are turned off!” I don’t reply, I am just too excited to be going on a holiday. I run down to the car and make sure that everything is perfect. Then Mum comes loudly down the stairs and when she finds me she says “What did I tell you about the lights?”

I’m starting to not feel so excited. I wanted this holiday to be good, but I think to myself that this is only the beginning.

– Laura

Week #8 Climate Change #4 5G

Tired, exhausted. We have begun the phase of jet lag. I woke up at 3am ready to see Sydney airport. We got our bags and went straight home. My eyes were barely open and I couldn’t see straight. The yellow stuff in my eyes weakened my eyelids. “Here we are home.” Papa said. As my dad opened the rusty old mailbox. Spiders crawled their way out. As he put his hand into the mailbox, a small but interesting letter was in his hand. As he separated both the ends he saw Telstra, “What did I tell you about the lights?”
– Rafael

Week #8 Climate Change #4 5B

My friends and I went to a haunted hotel which most people that explore go missing. There were words spray painted on the door “Watch out for the lights”. We stayed in for a night but nothing happened. My friends and I decided to go exploring. We turned the lights in the hall on and saw a tall pitch black figure staring at us. We ran to the end of the hall, turned the lights off and on. Every time they were on he would move closer. We went into a room. My friend left the lights on. We heard knocking on the door, “What did I tell you about the lights?!”

– Tom 

Week #7- Climate Change 3 5W

Atmospheric changes. One or two degrees hotter. Fires spreading rapidly. The smoke factories tearing the ozone layer. Coral is being destroyed. Glaciers melting from rising sea levels. Humans have run out of things to blame. We started it, now we must and it. As little as using paper instead of plastic straws or cotton bags instead of a paper bag.

We need world leaders to start to spread the word. If not, farms will be destroyed by a national food shortage. No one wants that, we are in this together or we’re doomed.

– Samuel

Week #7- Climate Change 3 5B

The flames licked at my legs as we trudged through the burning long grass. As I sprayed the fire with my tugging hose, I thought strongly and I told myself I would never give up. All I could smell was the burnt trees and the hot blazing grass among me. I believed in myself and also my family back at home. The fires started to get out of control. I could feel my hands sweat along my uniform. It was uncomfortable… Will I ever get to see my family again? I clenched my fists and started spreading the water all over the fire.

– Harry