Week #1 5W

I drove calmly along the Golden Gate Bridge but suddenly, a huge thump rocked the bridge. Gradually, things started to move. Cars started to tip over. My car started to fall in the centre of the bridge. I sprung out of the silver car and braced for concrete to knock me hard. I quickly started to sprint up the collapsing bridge and hoped to God I would survive. How did this happen?

– Harry

Week #1 5B

If houses were teeth, everyone would be lined up, perfectly straight and white. But our house is out of line, disgusting and unpleasant. It used to be fine before mum had died, all cleaned and polished. Soothing and sweet. Nothing like home sweet home… Suddenly things started to change after emotions had filled the whole house, clouds started to appear only near our house… All of us missed mum a lot. Gradually, things started to move, pictures, paintings and clothes of Mum started to pile up everywhere in our home. I guessed we missed Mum a lot and it was starting to show. I wondered what would’ve happened if she was still here.

– Elle

Week #59 5G

Times like these, I was scared. I was standing in the middle of my city. The whole entire city was empty. I felt like everyone had left and left me behind. But then I heard screaming. From a distance. I heard the screaming again. Then bang! A person with a mask was standing behind me and he said ‘Go home! We are in a Covid-19 lockdown’. I didn’t understand why. He said it again, ‘Go home’. I walked home through the quiet empty streets. I thought about what it felt like to be in lockdown. My world felt dead.

– Leo

Weel #49 5W

When we said “It’s gonna be a great year!!!” and, “Happy New Year!!!” We never thought that we would be in LOCKDOWN FOR 3 MONTHS!!! Coronavirus has done some SERIOUS DAMAGE. Birthdays had to be without friends, trips around the world have been postponed until who- knows-when, businesses have been struggling, and people are DYING. And who knows when scientists will find a vaccine! Life has changed FOREVER. (Fine, I might be exaggerating a bit, but still!!!) I love staying home but even this is a bit TOO much.
Me: How was lockdown for you?
Friend: Alright, how about you?
Me: horrible. 

– Isabella P

Week #49 5B

Two years I thought, disbelieving. In lockdown for two years! I looked at the musty sidewalk. The town had turned into a jungle. The road was now a river of weeds and grass. The refugee islands were submerged under water. Rats roamed the streets in unwavering packs devouring whatever was in sight. Cobwebs were hooked in whatever crevice they could find. The houses were giant piles of spongy, dirty, wet moss. The news reporter on the tv asked “how was lockdown for you?” I felt like screaming. We are still in lockdown. Can we ever go back to our normal way of life?

– Joseph-Anthony