Weel #49 5W

When we said “It’s gonna be a great year!!!” and, “Happy New Year!!!” We never thought that we would be in LOCKDOWN FOR 3 MONTHS!!! Coronavirus has done some SERIOUS DAMAGE. Birthdays had to be without friends, trips around the world have been postponed until who- knows-when, businesses have been struggling, and people are DYING. And who knows when scientists will find a vaccine! Life has changed FOREVER. (Fine, I might be exaggerating a bit, but still!!!) I love staying home but even this is a bit TOO much.
Me: How was lockdown for you?
Friend: Alright, how about you?
Me: horrible. 

– Isabella P

Week #49 5B

Two years I thought, disbelieving. In lockdown for two years! I looked at the musty sidewalk. The town had turned into a jungle. The road was now a river of weeds and grass. The refugee islands were submerged under water. Rats roamed the streets in unwavering packs devouring whatever was in sight. Cobwebs were hooked in whatever crevice they could find. The houses were giant piles of spongy, dirty, wet moss. The news reporter on the tv asked “how was lockdown for you?” I felt like screaming. We are still in lockdown. Can we ever go back to our normal way of life?

– Joseph-Anthony

Week #48 5B

A defrosting polar bear was eager to find his destiny. As he sought paradise he found he was 1 on 1 with the megalodon. The most dangerous creature alive. Giant waves swallowed the poor polar bear. I clarified that the megalodon wasn’t creating the vicious waves. Something else was. As I peered through the x-ray vision scope, a planet sized monster erupted from thin air. Giant razor teeth dug into the megalodons gills causing blood to leak. I couldn’t believe my eyes as they expanded wide open. The polar bear was the next victim of this unknown creature. Will he die?

– Douglas 

Week #48 5G

The polar bears got into position… the games had started. The ice had already started to melt. Bobby was out as he had chosen an unlucky spot. The island was big but already a quarter of the island was taken out. Eight polar bears were still on the platform. Oh and a push by Gary, and then there were 3. Gary, Bob and Jeff were the last standing. Who would make it? As the last pieces of ice melted, they had all fallen at the same time. Who had won? Let’s check the replay. Ohhhh Bob was still in the air by a hair. Bob wins an unlimited amount of fish.

– Sebastian

Week #47

Here we go. I am off to the lazy luxurious lake. I have always wanted to go but one little thing that concerns me is that the lake’s water is as frozen as Antarctica. But I had to face my fear. Let’s go. As I arrived I took off my striped velcro life jacket, with excitement and fear at the same time. The jump was gnarly until I felt a rubber object skim my foot. In fear, I screamed like a baby and ran as fast as I could into my car, scared for my terrible life.

– Paul

I was so excited… It was my first time swimming in the lake. Mama told me stories that you can’t stay underwater for too long because the eels would crawl into your ears and electrocute you from the inside. I never believed it but I’m still nervous. I stood at the edge of the wooden deck slipping on my striped, rubber suit. Once the costume was gripped onto my skin, I started to sway my arms back and forth to jump. “Three, two, one, GO,” I bombed into the water sinking to the sandy bottom. I looked up above me and paddled back up. I bumped my head on frozen ice and no one came to help. All that was left off me was my body sinking to the bottom…

– Angelique

I placed my rubber ducky on a tree although it felt like plastic,  and dived down deep into the water. My striped flippers waved around as I kicked harder to go faster. I don’t  know if I should be excited or not because what happens if it kills me before I get a chance to see it? I keep swimming deeper, when finally, don’t ask how I know, but I can just feel that I am close. I got closer and got the shock of a lifetime to see what was finally there. There, frozen, at the bottom of the ocean…

– Paloma