Week #46

It was a summer like no other; traces of snow everywhere. One night I went out on a journey to find the source. While I was trampling through the snow I felt something behind me. Terrified, I cautiously turned around. I gasped there was a tall long bony figure standing there.I could look straight through him but then he walked away leaving a passage of snow behind him. I found the source of the snow! I went to take a photo to get proof of his existence but when I looked behind me I could not find him. He was gone forever.

– Will

Captains log, day 13, time… unknown. I’ve been floating around in space for ten years and still no sight of that minuscule blue creature. My food supply is low and so is my water source. I want to return back home but if I don’t go on, the world might end. I was just about to head to another galaxy but when I looked behind me I spotted a blur of blue. My heart raced as I put on my spacesuit and opened the airlock. I pushed off with all my might out of my rocket and into the dark cold space…

– Thomas

It was the kind of night that even rainclouds needed umbrellas, as footsteps creaked on the uneven floorboards. I didn’t want to, but I had to. Ever so slowly, I creeped into the backyard. I had it. I knew I had the disease.

Sleepwalking once isn’t a disease, but doing it every day at every hour is. I opened the gate that led to the creek and then… Mud was everywhere. On my sleeves, my face, everywhere. I knew that I was in danger, because it was here. I heard a noise. Creeaaakkk… but when I looked behind me… nothing. Nothing was there. Because it was on me…

– Hilda

Week #45

“Yes sir… No sir… Sir I told you I’m not responsible for this incident!” I sighed as my boss and I argued back and forth. I looked up from the ground to see the mass of cars slowly sinking into the shore right before me. It’s like our business was getting flushed down the toilet. Salty aroma from the ocean swam in the air. The deafening sounds of seagulls nearly made my brain explode from utter frustration. I kicked the water to relieve my fuming mind, but boy did I make it worse… The cars came toppling down, one tin can after another then… Black.

– Audrey

It was an ordinary day. Bob was fishing while thinking was today his lucky day? All of a sudden he caught something, he couldn’t quite reel it in. He wondered to himself, is it the world’s biggest snapper? Had he just set a world record? Was he a wizard? He stuttered.

“H…h..h..how? Wh…wh…wh..what?” There was something slowly coming towards him. Was it an eagle was it a plane was it a….. “BOAT!” Bob screamed frantically running away from the shoreline. Was it the last breath he would ever take? Was this the end?

– Zoe

One more car and it would crack, one more car and it would fall, one more gram and lots of money would be wasted. The government was experimenting to make more land. They chose to make a car park right above deep water. While I sat on the bench starring. I saw it. I saw the ground crack. I saw thousands of dollars sink into the water. I saw some people in the cars dying. But there was no time to call the ambulance. The experiment had failed. What would happen now?…

– Annabelle

Week #44 5G

The night has come, he’d been waiting forever. He took a deep breath in and out, he took a large step on the stage, grabbed the microphone and started talking. His body shook in nerves and excitement. “Why did the chicken cross the road” the crowd moaned, “Why? To get to the other side!” Everyone went silent, there was no noise at all, not even a sound. “Ok then” the comedian said worriedly. He stepped off the stage. Boom! The curtains went flying off the stage “Ouch!” His head rebounded back and hit the microphone… dingggg! screachh! Then the crowd erupted with laughter. I guess he is a real comedian after all.

– Ava R

Week #44 5W

It was a normal day, I woke up, brushed my teeth, got ready for work, but when I got to work it changed. Everyone came and  started doing my funny business but then I fell off… what? You ask, oh yes I didn’t tell you I work at the circus as a clown and I was standing on a car and then I fell… and the crowd erupted with laughter! Of course they thought it was a part trick even though it wasn’t. Guess I’m getting more pay from that “trick” *evil laugh hehe*.

– Isabella M

Week #44 5B

The shield grew heavy on my arm and my head sunk deeper in the hand-me-down bronze helmet. The ring of monsters encircled the fighting grounds making my claustrophobic self act up. This was the final round. For life or death I wasn’t certain. I thrust my spear with all my might, forcing all the built up anger inside of me course through the attack. Bong! The tip of my weapon flung off and I was sent tumbling backwards through the arena, barely any dent made. The figure kneeled over me chuckling, then the crowd erupted with laughter, pointing and whispering. “Well, well,” The man growled.”More dinner for me.”

– Sienna