Special Prompt #2 5B

Green and pink lights danced across the blue sky, twirling around like a dolphin gliding through the water. The grass, short and stubby, felt like thin strips of fabric on her hands. It was phenomenal, the reflection of blurred colour in her bright blue eyes. As she laid down she saw a figure. A silhouette of a rigged old man. She whipped her head around backing herself slowly down the hill, he kept walking, approaching her with every step.

She gasped standing up immediately in her bedroom, the same man appeared at her door with a smile on his face.


One thought on “Special Prompt #2 5B”

  1. What a wonderful story! Your use of wonderfully descriptive words just make your story so engaging. Your first sentence immediately captures the reader’s interest and you continue providing lots of mystery and intrigue. Well done.

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