Special Prompt #2 5G

The smell of blood went through the entrance of my nose. The thought of losing this phenomenal battle echoed through my mind. The minute I reached for my sword it striked. This horrible, blood covered, winged beast dropped blood all over my strawberry blonde, straight hair. Covering my mouth with this dark red liquid. squeezing my way through the dragon’s feet I flipped and fell with a heavy thud. reaching to my sword with a low breath. I grabbed it, reaching out to the dragon’s heart with the sharp point of the sword. I tried to jump and stab it but missed…

– Zara O

One thought on “Special Prompt #2 5G”

  1. Hello Zara, you have been able to create lots of tension in your story. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what the outcome was going to be. You used some great adjectives to create a very good visual image. I really liked it when you said “…reaching out to the dragon’s heart…”. Just great. Well done.

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