Special Prompt #2 5W

A dragon-cat in broad daylight. Simply phenomenal. Never in my whole life would I expect to be graced with this majestic creature’s appearance. It had the furry head of a cat. The neck of a dragon. Delicate paws. Large wings. Tough scales. This is what makes it BEAUTIFUL! I pulled my phone out my pocket, ready to take a picture of the beast. Just as I was about to take a picture the dragon-cat swooped down and plucked the phone out of my hands. I guess dragon-cats are shy. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want the whole world to know about me if I was a dragon-cat.

One thought on “Special Prompt #2 5W”

  1. Hello Elizabeth, I think it is just great how your story doesn’t have a awful ending. It is a complete surprise (a pleasing one) that the dragon-cat just takes the phone. You used the challenge word really well too. Some great adjectives used and also verbs; I particularly liked, “graced” and “plucked”. Well done.

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