Special Prompt #4 5G

As I was running I heard explosive gun shots, I felt my heart stop. Was I going to die? This thought might be one that kills me or heals me. I cut down an Alley hearing screaming. All of a sudden I heard a faint voice that sounded like they were in pain. “Ccc Come with me” I turned and saw someone with deep jerky blood on them, they’re eyes had water in them as if they had just been crying. Should I follow, this could make me or break me. I ran not knowing what to do. “Theyyyy are after you.” I gulped with fear.

– Khiara

3 thoughts on “Special Prompt #4 5G”

  1. Hi Khiara,
    This was an excellent story. You included some great language techniques such as metaphors, and also had good descriptive detail throughout. I also thought that the narrative and voice of your character was done really well. It was interesting to be able to see the thoughts and feelings they were going through as the events unfurled. These things mentioned above clearly demonstrate your talent and creativity, well done.

    Keep up the good work,
    Anna (Team 100WC, Edinburgh)

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