Week #29 5B

When it’s a dark and cold night and you’re walking home alone, it isn’t hard to get lost down a creepy street full of houses that give off a haunted vibe. I tried to contain myself walking past number 29, but I just couldn’t. It had no gate which made me suspicious about what was inside. I took one step into the driveway and SLAM! A large brown and rusty gate had appeared.

I decided that I would slowly creep through and check the inside. That was a massive mistake though. Once again the door shut and locked me in. What could I do?

– Sophie

6 thoughts on “Week #29 5B”

  1. Sophie,
    I really enjoyed how your gate reapeared as she stood on the driveway. It really made me wonder what was next. I also really like your choice of vocabulary and the tier 3 word use.
    Keep it up


  2. I loved this writing piece Sophie. I really liked how you left it off with a question for us to think about. There were so many different ideas in this that really wanted me to know the story behind it. Good Job

    Marissa Z

    1. Thank you for the feedback Marissa. I really thought about. If your writing was shown to me I’m sure you had as great of a piece.

  3. Aaaahhhhh.

    I would not like to be you at this moment. I fell bad you having to decide the fate of this kid.

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