Week #29 5W

What goes on at Number 29? Where is the rest of the fence? Is it really as creepy as all the stories? “Should I investigate it?” my brother said, interrupting my thoughts. “Yes,” I finally replied. But what if burglars were really living there? Too late. My brother had already stormed out of the door and had begun walking down the street. I smacked my forehead. WHY won’t he listen to me? Suddenly I heard a shout from the Number 29. Was that my brother? Was he in danger? Would I seriously have to go and save him? Oh no….   

– Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “Week #29 5W”

  1. That writing was outstanding!
    I really like who you left us hanging and wanting more. Your next step might be to add a bit more adjectives to show not tell but great job.

  2. I like how you ended with was it up to me now?
    It was very creative. The questions rise tension and the fact that you highlighted the word ‘WHY’. I’m just a bit confused about how you know the shout came from number 29. Besides that, it’s great! 👍🙂
    Keep it up!

    1. I heard the shout from Number 29 because I looked out the window. I didn’t put that part in because then it would go over 100 words.

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