Week #49 5B

Two years I thought, disbelieving. In lockdown for two years! I looked at the musty sidewalk. The town had turned into a jungle. The road was now a river of weeds and grass. The refugee islands were submerged under water. Rats roamed the streets in unwavering packs devouring whatever was in sight. Cobwebs were hooked in whatever crevice they could find. The houses were giant piles of spongy, dirty, wet moss. The news reporter on the tv asked “how was lockdown for you?” I felt like screaming. We are still in lockdown. Can we ever go back to our normal way of life?

– Joseph-Anthony

One thought on “Week #49 5B”

  1. Hi Joseph-Anthony,
    Great job this week, you wrote a really creative and interesting 100wc entry!
    Your use of description was amazing, and helped me build a good picture of the world in your story. Keep up this level of descriptive writing next time, because this is a real strength for you and will only make people more excited and interested in reading your work.

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