Week #59 5G

Times like these, I was scared. I was standing in the middle of my city. The whole entire city was empty. I felt like everyone had left and left me behind. But then I heard screaming. From a distance. I heard the screaming again. Then bang! A person with a mask was standing behind me and he said ‘Go home! We are in a Covid-19 lockdown’. I didn’t understand why. He said it again, ‘Go home’. I walked home through the quiet empty streets. I thought about what it felt like to be in lockdown. My world felt dead.

– Leo

2 thoughts on “Week #59 5G”

  1. Hi Leo,
    This was really interesting, and a great 100wc entry! I hope your experience of lockdown wasn’t as scary as the one you described.
    You did a really great job with your descriptions, and made me understand what it might have felt like to be in your story. I also enjoyed the different lengths of sentences you used, because that gave your story a good flow, and is quite a unique thing to do.
    Next time I would like you to use even more description because you did this so well, and just keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Leo,

    This was a fabulous response to the prompt this week ; you really conveyed a lot of emotion to your reader through your excellent use of the narrator’s voice. I agree, it does feel quite strange to see everyone in masks but I think soon we’ll get used it and then it won’t feel so scary anymore.
    I hope you’ve had some positive experience of lockdown. I live in the countryside in England and have enjoyed going on long walks through the fields with my daughter to visit some horses.

    Keep up the great work.

    Mrs Moore
    Team 100 London UK

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