Week #8 Climate Change #4 5G

Tired, exhausted. We have begun the phase of jet lag. I woke up at 3am ready to see Sydney airport. We got our bags and went straight home. My eyes were barely open and I couldn’t see straight. The yellow stuff in my eyes weakened my eyelids. “Here we are home.” Papa said. As my dad opened the rusty old mailbox. Spiders crawled their way out. As he put his hand into the mailbox, a small but interesting letter was in his hand. As he separated both the ends he saw Telstra, “What did I tell you about the lights?”
– Rafael

One thought on “Week #8 Climate Change #4 5G”

  1. Rafael,
    Your opening word choices gripped me and even I felt fatigued. Thank you for constructing such an interesting piece. I like how you made it suspenseful to have Papa opening the letter so slowly. Using the prompt at the end was brilliant.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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