Weel #49 5W

When we said “It’s gonna be a great year!!!” and, “Happy New Year!!!” We never thought that we would be in LOCKDOWN FOR 3 MONTHS!!! Coronavirus has done some SERIOUS DAMAGE. Birthdays had to be without friends, trips around the world have been postponed until who- knows-when, businesses have been struggling, and people are DYING. And who knows when scientists will find a vaccine! Life has changed FOREVER. (Fine, I might be exaggerating a bit, but still!!!) I love staying home but even this is a bit TOO much.
Me: How was lockdown for you?
Friend: Alright, how about you?
Me: horrible. 

– Isabella P

One thought on “Weel #49 5W”

  1. Hi Isabella,
    I really liked this 100wc, so great job this week! You wrote with a lovely funny tone and that made this enjoyable to read. You managed to include a lot of details in your story of everything that has happened over the past few months, so well done for that, especially when you only had 100 words!
    Next time make sure you keep having fun with your writing, and don’t be afraid to be creative like you were this week. Nice work!

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